Embedded Learning and support for Action = Improved Sales

Our blended, tutor supported e-learning programmes help business owners, sales teams and individuals in sales gain the skills, tools and techniques to make confident sales calls and presentations.

For Business owners and sales managers: A tailored approach to e-learning for your team. Group discounts apply.

For sales people: A simple step by step process to success.

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The Consultative Sell

The Consultative Sell is a simple 7 step sales process for winning new business and long term relationships.

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Sales Management Resources

Managing a sales team can bring huge rewards and great experiences but problems and issues come with the territory.

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Resources for Trainers

The e-Learning pathway to successful sales training. Enabling you to work on your business, rather than in it...


Sales Outcomes

A step-by-step process to making successful sales and long term business relationships

For businesses and sales teams aiming, to win short-term business but more importantly to develop long term relationships that encourage:

Long-term business relationships

Upsell and cross sell opportunities

• Maintaining a healthy sales pipeline
• Increased referral business

Improved sales yields

Effective testimonials

Tutor supported e-learning

Each Module includes action plans and self-assessments for you to monitor progress. The programme will take approximately 12 hours of your time – a small commitment to vastly increase your skills and capabilities. You learn at a pace to suite you.

Each modules will take approximately 4 hours of your time and can be undertaken separately or form part of your journey along the complete CanSellWillSell programme.

The whole programme of three modules including practice time and TAKING ACTION  will take 12-15 hours to complete.

We recommend that you set yourself a goal of 3 months in which to undertake this Study Programme.

You can undertake the modules individually or as part of an intake with monthly enrollment dates, or as part of an In-House Cohort within your business – minimum 4 employees.

Which modules would be most beneficial to you?

Don't forget - 10% discount for groups of four or more delegates


This is the first time that we have experienced sales training following such a simple, step by step process-The Consultative Sell.The e-learning uses all learning styles and the webinars are great for supporting taking action based on the learning.

CSWS have greatly improved our confidence in selling and we are promoting their blended approach to sales training to our clients as part of our sales and marketing solutions'.
Gary Creigh - Commercial Manager


A seven step process to making successful sales and long term business relationships

  • 1. Preparation
  • 2. Powerful Introduction to the sales call
  • 3. Fact Find to identify needs
  • 4. Confirm needs with the prospect
  • 5. Presentation
  • 6. Recommendation
  • 7. Close 

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