How to ask effective questions

The Third stage of  The Consultative Sell is The Fact Find and Qualification.

Effective questioning is vitally important at this stage. Here you will identify and agree the prospect’s needs and assess your product or service is suitable for them

Here are some useful questioning techniques you can use

First-here is a reminder of two key ones 


Open – Requires a detailed response to obtain information, knowledge, opinion or feelings relative to a certain situation. These questions usually start with what, why, how or describe.

Closed – Invite a short focused answer, which are usually easy to answer with either a yes or no response. Closed questions can also be used where there are multiple answers from a list.


Here’s some others

Funnel – A technique that is often used by detectives interviewing a witness as it starts with general questions and homes in on a point in each answer asking more focused questions at each level. Another version of this technique starts with open questions and then becomes more restrictive, ending in closed questions allowing a more focused response.

Probing – These are follow up questions when we do not fully understand a response, when answers are vague or ambiguous or when we want to obtain more in-depth information.

T.E.D – This probing technique simply and subtly instructs the recipient to tell, explain or describe a situation or a feeling without the individual knowing that’s what you are doing. The style of approach prompts them to give you all of the relevant information.

Leading – Also known as loaded questions they subtly point the respondents answer in a certain direction, which is generally our way of thinking.

Recall or Process questions – A technique where the recipient is required to remember (or recall) something. The process side of this technique requires deeper thought and/or analysis.

These techniques will allow you to build a great understanding of your prospect’s needs-provided you actively listen to what he/she says-that’s for another blog!

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