Overcoming Objections

Feel | Felt | Found – what’s the issue? Why I don’t give this technique full marks and only score it 7/10 The Feel, Felt, Found technique is a simple conversation where you tell your customer you understand how they feel, others have felt the same way, and this is what they found. This is a […]

How to make closing the deal easier | The Trial Close

The trial close is more of a test of the customer’s commitment than a full blown closing technique. It allows you to ask a less aggressive question of the customer which will enable the presentation to continue without fully asking for the order. The trail close is simply a way of getting the prospect to […]

What Constitutes Bad, Indifferent, Good and Exceptional Customer Service?

Interesting question! Here’s some thoughts but before getting underway way,let’s re-cap on the key reasons for delivering excellent service.Happy customers will: Come  back time and time again giving you repeat business. Be comfortable with you charging a premium rate for a premium service. Recommend you to their circle of contacts. Give you a testimonial for […]

How to present and close a deal – with PowerPoint

Introduction Oh no-not death by PowerPoint! In the last chapter you were given the tools to conduct an effective sales meeting, including tips on presenting to a small group of two or three people. Sometimes we are invited to present to a much larger audience which requires a different, more dynamic approach-with PowerPoint often having […]

Getting your telephone sales call off to a great start

You will identify needs throughout the sales process but initially the planning and preparation stage will give you opportunities to gain a basic understanding of the client and their needs, it will be useful to do some basic research on the company you are calling and the industry they work within This will instill greater […]

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