How to prepare for confident and effective sales calls

Here’s some good news!

To make effective sales calls, you don’t have to be a sales hotshot! You are good at what you do and probably have got some experience in selling. There is a basic structure you should work to no matter how experienced you are:

  • Preparation-mental and physical
  • Powerful Introduction in under a minute
  • Fact find-engaging with the client
  • Confirming needs-gaining agreement
  • Presentation-effective meetings and use of PowerPoint
  • Recommendation=geared to customer needs
  • Close-overcoming objections and getting agreement to buy

Just getting your preparation and a powerful introduction under your belt will help you fly! Why?

Because the first steps will bring success by having the right mental approach:



Planning an Effective Telesales Strategy

It’s all down to planning, ‘fail to prepare – prepare to fail’ is a well worn truism and is as relevant now as it has ever been. Take time to think carefully what you want to achieve and how you are going to realise this.

Key considerations:

  • Objectives
  • Target Market
  • Research
  • Time management


Remember, your objective might not be to make a sale over the telephone right there and then, but rather to open the channels of communication so you can start to develop the relationship with the prospective customer that will end in them buying from you.

Just finding out more about the prospect’s needs or getting an appointment from your telephone call could be a great result!

When setting your goals, follow the SMART principle; in other words, keep your objectives:

Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Framed

 An example of how to set up a SMART objective follows:


Specific I will make telephone calls
I will aim to speak to decision makers
I will get appointments
Measurable 30 telephone calls
5 decision makers
1 appointment
Achievable You might not know if your objective is achievable first time round so you will need to review this as you go along. You want to try to stretch yourself
Realistic As for Achievable
Time framed The specific objectives will be completed in 3 hours on (date)


After the session, you would then review whether the objective was realistic and achievable and adjust (up or down) as required. It might also prompt you to consider what you could do differently to increase your performance and target.

Target Markets

The key to success is to understand what prospective customers you wish to approach and what you are offering them that they will want. Think in terms of how what you will be offering will overcome their problems or the obstacles they face; put yourself in their shoes.

For example you might be providing them with:

  • A service, which will improve efficiency resulting in saving time and frustration
  • A product that will reduce costs
  • Expertise leading to improved levels of service to their customers

How to plan confident and effective sales calls

Getting their need and why your offer is important to them clear in your mind will ensure you define a strong introduction to your call. The call introduction is covered later in this guide.

The following chart shows clearly the sectors/categories you should prioritise to maximise the effectiveness of your new business call plan:


For your first sales approaches, there are clear benefits to defining your prospects by category in this way. By prioritising categories/customers within which you have expertise, (1st priority in the diagram above) you will generate more impact in your sales call. It doesn’t matter if this experience is through a limited number of customer relationships, it’s perception that counts, as you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what they need
  • Use testimonials from similar customers – name-dropping is a powerful tool
  • Be able to use a referral from an existing customer – this is very powerful! (Make sure you ask for referrals from your customers whenever possible)

You now have an outline plan that has measurable objectives aimed at a specific target market and we can now move on to executing the plan.

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