How to make closing the deal easier | The Trial Close

The trial close is more of a test of the customer’s commitment than a full blown closing technique. It allows you to ask a less aggressive question of the customer which will enable the presentation to continue without fully asking for the order. The trail close is simply a way of getting the prospect to agree that your offering fits their need in principle before you get down to price.


This can be used at any time after the initial Fact Find, so keep it in mind throughout the steps of the Consultative Sell Should your objective be to simply gain an appointment this is where the Trial Close can be very effective.It can also be a useful tool when you commence your Recommendation (6th Step of The Consultative Sell)



  • This sounds like it is a good solution for you…have I got that right?
  • The product is availability in red or blue – which seems to be what you need, yes?


  • From what we have discussed, there looks to be a way we can assist you in achieving your goals – let’s get together so we can progress discussions.


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