Overcoming Objections

Feel | Felt | Found – what’s the issue?

Why I don’t give this technique full marks and only score it 7/10

The Feel, Felt, Found technique is a simple conversation where you tell your customer you understand how they feel, others have felt the same way, and this is what they found. This is a great way of answering a specific, genuine, objection.


So Mrs. Smith, I fully understand that you feel that aren’t sure about buying GAP to protect the value your new car should it be written off. Many of our customers Felt that way before I showed them how it could benefit them and have found that they just couldn’t have done without it after their car was written off due to being stolen.

 Supposing the objection wasn’t a real one!

 …but just an excuse with ‘hidden objections’ behind their statement? Using Feel, Felt, and Find won’t work here.

The prospect will still reject you!

The solution is to use this technique only when you have established that it is a real and important objection.

To make sure you are handling genuine objection…

Meet E.R.I.C.A!

  • Empathize/agree with the customers point
  • Refine to a specific area
  • Isolate
  • Commit
  • Answer and close

Here is an example of ERICA at work!

You have now established genuine concerns, answered them and can now negotiate and close the deal on two real objections-good old ERICA!


Take a look at our video and see ERICA at work!


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